Hello, my name is Natalie Snyder. I’m now 23 years old. When I started this blog, my life was going through the most changes at once since I was probably an infant. I had just graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Print Journalism and a minor in Political Science. A week before that, I left an abusive and hostile job. I packed my car full with what was left of my apartment, including my cat, Dori, in the passenger seat. I drove away from the only place I had made a life of my own and went back to my hometown.

Soon after, I had made plans to go to Little Corn Island in Nicaragua for the month of January to go through a Yoga Teacher Training Program with Meghan Currie. Long story short, after I completed the training in February and made it back to the mainland, I found myself in a taxi heading in a direction I didn’t know at the time instead of getting on my planned plane back to West Virginia’s harsh winter.  Since then, I have spent time living on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua in San Juan del Sur. I’ve learned about raw cooking at a restaurant, taught yoga at the local studio, sailed to Costa Rica, moved to the jungle to work at one of my favorite beaches- Playa Maderas- met some of the most inspiring and influential people in my life, and most importantly, I fell deeply in love  with the ocean.

Playa Maderas; February 2014

Playa Maderas; February 2014

So if you just love adventure and traveling, if you love the ocean and yoga, if you’ve recently gone through a huge change, if you’re looking to find some sense of empowerment or if you need to be humbled with the little things in life, I encourage you to do this with me. As someone who finds deep comfort in solitude with a tendency to push people out, I’m trying to take the first step in bettering myself. With that, I’m committing to opening myself up to you in hopes you will find some comfort in it to help you along whatever path you’re currently taking. A new job, a move to a different state or a different country, leaving an abusive situation, coping with self-esteem issues or just letting someone, or maybe yourself, go, know that you have come to the right place.

xo N.


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  2. I’ve got three questions about Meghan Currie:

    1- Was Meghan Currie ever a professional dancer before she became a rockstar yoga teacher?
    If so, what dance companies has she danced in?

    2- Could she ever want to teach us beginners or is she all about teaching advanced (in asana only) teachers?

    3- How much of that practice of what she teaches is attaining handstand, and is there a more spiritual workaround?
    Her ilk is one of the reasons I have nearly almost moved out of yoga. Briohny Smyth is another.

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