A lesson on :: Tunnel Vision

All photography by Robert Croma.

All photography by Robert Croma.

Readjusting & letting go. Embracing the experiences gained and not dwelling when they are seemingly “over”. Reminding oneself that things don’t just end, but are cyclical and are changing / growing / evolving to become something new & equally as fulfilling. Reminding oneself that each place & each person carries a bit of magic. That beauty is present & all around – you just have to open your eyes.

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I’ve been back from Nicaragua for a few weeks now. It seems like it has been forever, and I’m catching myself falling back into old patterns that never got me anywhere – worrying about money, overanalyzing, over-planning, thinking 20 feet ahead instead of realizing where I am. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “The Beauty in the ‘In-Between'”. A lesson that anyone who has the opportunity or the drive to travel should really learn to appreciate. It’s something I’m struggling with now & in turn, am becoming frustrated. When I first arrived in my quaint, two-block town, I saw it with fresh eyes – the lush, green forests, the rain every day, the types of flowers, the smell of familiarity. I couldn’t believe I was raised in a place so beautiful & perfect – a secret. But it was a matter of days before I was “over it” and thinking so much about when I go back to Central America (or somewhere else?). For wanderlust people, that “in-between” state is often overlooked. It’s a time to save money, to work multiple jobs, to see family in different areas, to find the cheapest flight and research & plan for when the day that you leave again finally comes.

Frankly, it’s bullshit. I learned so many things while I was away, one being that the moment I stopped planning and thinking more than an afternoon ahead of me was when I was the most present, most relaxed and the happiest I had ever been. You start to sink into your surroundings & simply be. You begin to really see everything around you and not just through this tunnel of where you’re going. You embrace the journey – like looking out your windows on a roadtrip.

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This tunnel vision is what I’m focusing on breaking out of now. There’s just so much to see & soak in.

The first recognition of beauty was one of the most significant events in the evolution of human consciousness. The feelings of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition.

Eckhart Tolle ; A New Earth


Xx On another note, I added a new yoga video to my media page. Feeling re-inspired & back into my consistent & dedicated practice. xX

xX on a lighter note / heavy (para mi), I miss the tropics – here’s a tune to bring it to me & you too Xx ::


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