When to embrace your brain & when to consciously reprogram it

I haven’t written here in awhile, but it’s hard to gather all my thoughts now that I’m not constantly bringing them to my conscious mind. It’s something I need to apply to my everyday life more, rather than slip into old habits and use distraction as a tool to cope.

Today is the first day since the training that I have felt like my old self. My old self that used to hold me back and make me miserable. Without elaborating too much right now, and allowing myself some time to process, I’m letting it be today. I’m focusing on just being myself whoever that might be right now.

Also, I’m staying in one of the most beautiful houses on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua now. Check it out:


9 responses to “When to embrace your brain & when to consciously reprogram it

  1. There’s been a lot of talk about you recently and a few days ago, I found your blog (which I had kind of let myself lose) and read all the posts and saw how wonderful your training was and how you are staying for a bit longer. I cried for awhile, realizing that you are doing it and Im so proud and jealous. But it was so good to hear about everything and to get new perspective on things.
    Anyways Im rambling, but I wanted to let you know that as soon as you are back in America, whenever that is, we would like to make a trip to visit you. Keep me posted.
    Be safe and continue on this journey!

  2. miss you miss you & thinking of you today, then I saw this, goosebumps…send me an email whenever you have time…”annabelle.bv@gmail.com”

    lovelovelove from annabelle

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