A lesson on life & death

I have two different post ideas for today. Two very different post ideas. I’m definitely going to expand on both at some point, but for tonight I’m going to focus on something that has been on my mind all day.

Today after our morning class, the manager of this place met with us before going on our break. He informed us that they found a body of a young person in a hammock with a tree fallen on top of him. Apparently when someone called his mother in his phone to notify him, she said he was there studying from Miami, that is was a practical joke and then hung up. It made me sick to think about how she reacted after she hung up. How I know she had a sinking feeling that it wasn’t a joke.

The whole situation made me think about my childhood friend that passed away a few years ago, now. She was very young and very beautiful and full of so much life. I still am battling with coming to terms with it, and I’m not sure if it will ever feel real. Last night I finally voiced to someone, one of my roommates, that I brought some of her ashes with me. After being here for a week, I can’t think of a better place where I can let her rest. The water here is bright blue and the air is hot and sweet. I think it’s a way to include her in this part of my life that is full of change, growth and travel.

It was the first time I felt anxiety about letting her go though. I never had really thought about it until I voiced it to my roommate Alexa, and until I got a taste of that familiar feeling I had when I heard about the boy from Miami and his mother’s reaction. It might sound silly, but I all I can really think about is how real life is. I know that is a weird way to put it, but I honestly can’t think of any other way. Life is fragile, life is unpredictable. Every cliche would be perfect right here, so I’ll let you fill it in.


Two of my roommates, Grace from London and Alexa from Canada. Love them, love them, love them.


My teacher, Meghan Currie.IMG_2058IMG_2060IMG_2062IMG_2063IMG_2069


3 responses to “A lesson on life & death

  1. Nat, I spoke to one of your yoga instructors back here and she said that she could not do what you are doing. A weekend a month exhausted her. So she recommended you breath………..You cannot absorb hundreds of years of info like you are doing without being overwhelmed and no one could. So again she said to tell her to breath…

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